Speed Friending 8th Event: Make New Friends

17:00 – 20:00

Either Augarten OR Jesuitenwiese/Praterwiese OR Donauinsel – TBD, 1020 Wien

This Event will be open air / outdoors
(Either Augarten OR Jesuitenwiese/Praterwiese OR Donauinsel – TBD)

**The plan (before arrival)**

• Please bring existing friends if you have any (sign them up)
• Please bring a pen if you can (we do bring some too but don’t have many)
• Location is easy to find, follow google maps PIN (when announced)
• OPTIONAL: Feel free to bring something to drink/snack and share

**The plan (upon arrival)**

1. When you arrive please ask the organizers for the “welcome package”
2. While others arrive, you can hangout and talk to strangers, sometime after 6.30 pm we will divide into pairs & groups if possible.
3. You have 3-5 minutes to talk in pairs, when told to do so, you will switch partners, don’t forget to write down the number of the other person if you wish, DO NOT ASK FOR PERSONAL CONTACT DETAILS DURING THE EVENT
4. At the end we will have a more open round where we put more people together to chat, naturally small conversations will start building up in groups. We will also have breaks in-between.
5. Final step: I will gather all envelopes, don’t forget to put your contact details and numbers in the envelope and give them back to the organizers.

See you soon!

Please comment below if you have any questions, i will monitor the comments section and reply as soon as I see it on my phone.

Entry is FREE!

NOTE: There will be some filming so we can create a promo video.