LogicLounge with Toby Walsh: Living with Artificial Intelligence – How to stay Human

18:00 – 19:00

Some call it intelligent, others call it automated algorithmic decision making. No matter the expression, automatization has been impacting us all for some time now. From the open-source AI tools that help combat harassment on social media, and using AI to prevent diabetes in kids, to computers outperforming doctors at reading mammograms.
At the same time, the matter of fact is that we live in a world where biased machines have been conducting discriminatory hiring practices. Each year millions of people die on the roads, and the development of self-driving cars have been called a moral imperative. However without any regulatory oversight, are the public roads just laboratories for collecting data and testing the technology of the private companies on us all?

How can we make sure we do not give autonomy to “stupid” AI, machines which do not know how to make good choices? How will we have a sensible democratic political debate, when human voices are silenced by the bots? How will we tackle the technological unemployment? What are the opportunities of AI for the small-and-medium sized companies, also in Austria?

On September 20th, 2018, one of the leading researchers in Artificial Intelligence (AI), professor Toby Walsh, will in one-hour long public debate share his thoughts on how AI has been improving our lives, and why the society needs to be economically, culturally, politically, and legally prepared for the AI of tomorrow.

This event is part of the LogicLounge series of public discussions, organized by Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms at TU Wien. The discussion with Toby Walsh will be moderated by Franz Zeller (ORF).

Free registration with a book giveaway
This is a free event. For organizational reasons we kindly ask for the registration on Eventbrite.
Among the registered participants, Toby Walsh will give away a couple of signed copies of his book “It´s Alive: Wie künstliche Intelligenz unser Leben verändern wird”. The book, which was published in 2017, has been translated into German language and will be on sale in Austria, from September 24th onwards.
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